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 Children's Books:             The Imperfect Angels Series                                     

Rosey...the Imperfect Angel
By Sandra Lee Peckinpah
             Illustrated by Trisha Moore

Rosey is a fairy tale for and about children who may look and feel different. 
    The story, colorfully illustrated, tells the story of one of twelve little angels who tend gardens named after the months of the year in a magical place..."The Land Called Above." 
    Little Rosey has the hardest job of all, tending the garden of January, the one filled with brambles and thorns, and piles and piles of dead leaves. Not only that, little Rosey looks different. "Boss Angel" named her Rosey because she had a mouth that reminded him of a rosebud: her lip was divided and curled up toward her little pink nose, looking just like a rosebud about to bloom. 
    However, this very unique mouth and Rosey's difficult garden gave the other angels lots of ways to tease Rosey. She often cried to "Boss Angel," "Sometimes...sometimes, I...I...just feel so different, Boss Angel." 
    "Why Rosey, my dear," he says,"You are diffferent...perfectly different. Sometimes, even here in our lovely gardens, the greatest challenges bring the greatest'll see."   
    And she did, through hard work, determination, and her own special qualities that took her through the adventures in this very special land, Rosey became the angel that all looked up to. She was selected as the angel whose reward was to be born to a family who were about to learn the beauty of imperfection.

     Chester...The Imperfect All-Star
          By Sandra Lee Peckinpah
         Illustrated by Trisha Moore

was inspired by a real life boy who was born with one leg quite different from the other. His dream was to  play baseball. As this story unfolds, the little a angel, Chester dreams of one day playing baseball. He volunteered as the batboy for the Windrunner team. At first, the team members tease him because of his very different leg, but Chester never gives up. Long hours of practice on his own secret cloud field attracted Coach Angel's attention. He believes in Chester and helps this special angel find his wings. As Coach Angel tells him "You see, Chester, sometimes you have to try harder, but you can do anything anyone else can do" your own special way. Chester triumphs and is rewarded with a very special mission in "The Land Called Below."

    Read the stories to your child and watch how their perspective about themselves and the world changes. 
    Rosey and Chester have been used in schools, libraries, hospitals, clinics, and doctors' offices as a tool to help achieve greater understanding and compassion for all people.
    Sandy read Rosey and Chester to educate Julianne's school friends and neighbors. When Julianne first started school, "Rosey" went too. It was the simplest way for her friends to understand why she had scars and her baby pictures looked different than the others. The students gained an understanding and looked to Julianne with greater respect.  
    Rosey...The Imperfect Angel and Chester...The Imperfect All-Star are a must for the child with a cleft, a sibling, a friend., or for any child who has ever felt different.
 Enjoy the magic it brings!

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Rosey...the Imperfect Angel
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Read by Melissa Gilbert

Produced and Music written by Michael Alden

Music by the Moscow Symphony Orchestra. 

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Chester...the Imperfect All-Star
Hardcover                        $15.95*
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      Julianne at 3 years old after 2 surgeries: one at 4 months and another at 9 months). In the first surgery, the surgeon closed the external cleft lip, created the shape of her lips, and tucked the gum inside her mouth. The second surgery was on her nose. The center part of her nose was structured from skin saved inside her nostrils in the first surgery. Continue on the pages of this website, and you will see Julianne at 18...absolutely amazing...Promise.

"You hold the master key to your child's self esteem"
What People Are Saying About...
The Imperfect Angels books

Melissa Gilbert, actress, and President of the Board of Directors for the Children's Hospice & Palliative Care Coalition
The Imperfect Angels book series should be required reading for all children. They inspire children to accept others with understanding and compassion. It was my privilege to join Sandy in reading her first book, Rosey, to many grade school children across the country. In these troubling times, the students and I felt comforted by the message these books have to offer...appreciation for the beauty of imperfection.

Stacy Keach, actor                                      
"Rosey…the Imperfect Angel is a magical journey across the stage of imagination, helping young hearts and minds discover and celebrate the beauties of imperfection."   

Jim Abbott, Professional Baseball Player
The story of Chester is an enlightening and emotional story of a young man's dreams and determination. It also illustrates how dreams can become realities with the love and support of others. There are lots of Chesters in the world, some handicapped, some not. And like the story, they have the desire to succeed at something others don't think they can. Every child should remember the words of Coach Angel when he said, "Run like the Wind...Reach for the Stars...and Play by the Rules."                        

Marlee Matlin, actress

   "Ms. Peckinpah’s Rosey…the Imperfect Angel shows us how in our hearts and in our dreams, we are all perfect. Her story is an inspiration to both adults and children. This is a book to read together."

Julia Hobbs, Speech Pathologist

UCLA Craniofacial Team and St. John’s Hospital Cleft Palate Team

    "This charming and inspirational fairy tale beautifully illustrates the challenges faced by children who are different. Through Rosey’s experiences, parents are gently reminded to look beyond the distractions of imperfection to the beauty of the spirit."

Redbook Magazine Interview with
Bree Walker, Newscaster and Mother
    "Every night, Bree puts Andrea to bed with a story...a book called Rosey the Imperfect Angel. It's a story about a little angel who has a cleft palate, and it's a favorite with both mother and daughter. "The other angels seem to have an easier task," Bree explains fondly. "Little Rosey succeeds through trials and tribulations. The book shows how differences can make the human species very special, how if we were all alike, the world would be a pretty boring place.""

Richard P. Mungo, D.D.S., M.S.D, M. Ed

Head of division of Pediatric Dentistry

Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles

    "You have offered us all a painless approach to making sense of an unexplainable event. Being one that treats children with clefts, being a father of a child with a cleft, and having been born with a cleft myself, I see value and purpose on every page."

Jim Lampley, HBO and NBC Sportscaster
Chester is a simple but powerful story which conveys important messages about tolerance, fairness, and sportsmanship. As the father of a boy born with unconventional equipment, I'm thrilled to see a book which will help us reinforce the messages of spirit and encouragement I'll be communicating to my son.

Leslie M. Holve, M.D
. retired Medical Director of Cleft Palate Center

    "St. John’s Hospital, Los Angeles

This book, written by the mother of a child with a cleft, fits a special need in our society. It helps us gently, with sensitivity to accept those who are slightly different from ourselves. Although it is written for children, its poignant message will not be lost on adults."

Lisa B. Rooney, M.D., Pediatrician
    "For anyone who has, or knows, their own imperfect angle, this is a truly heartwarming and inspirational story. When Rosey gazes into the mirror, she will undoubtedly see beauty and joy. I know I did."

Janet Salomonson M.D. Plastic Surgeon and director of The Cleft Palate Center

St. John’s Hospital, Los Angeles

    "Rosey…the Imperfect Angel is a delightful, whimsical allegory, with a profound theme-the greater sensitivity and acceptance of human difference. This is a wonderful book to share with a child or just enjoy."

Dear Abby, Syndicated Columnist

    "What a sweet smile Julianne has! And oh, those eyes. She’s adorable. Sandra, thank you for sending me a copy of your lovely little book. Since children identify with angels, what a clever way to teach them about facial deformities. If only every one would look beyond skin color, deformities or differences of many kinds and let love dominate, then paradise would be right here on this old earth. It warms my heart, Sandra when someone reaches beyond himself to help others in similar circumstances…and that is just what you are doing, Bless you."

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