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Inspiration & Information...
                    For Parents Who Have Children Born with Clefts

                            "You hold the master key to your child's self esteem"
    Every parent has the dream of giving birth to a perfect child
. Every parent has that right. What happens when that dream is very different than you expected, when your child enters this world with a birth defect? First, you're in shock, second you grieve, and third you start down the road to finding resources that can help you and your child face the world. 
I know, first hand, how you feel. I felt the very same way several years ago when my daughter, Julianne, was born with a cleft. 

What I have found is that the journey to giving her the best care, the 
stability of a good life, and the courage to face all that she had to face, was rewarding and successful
.  It's now years down that road and I can assure you, she is a remarkable girl with incredible strength of character and confidence. Her beauty is inside and out. 

    You'll see! As you turn to the pages within this website, you'll be able to witness her transformation.  As parents of a child born with a birth defect, this transformation will be a journey filled with some tears, hard work, and strength. It's about blessing your child with the best information, using the best medical care, and always making your child believe in himself. Ultimately, it will make your life rewarding beyond measure...I promise.
    Fairy Tale Life...Interrupted, is for parents like you.
In searching the bookstores when Julianne was born, I found very little information and support. It was mostly clinical information. Thus, began a quest to put words to paper.  
Fairy Tale Life...Interrupted 
will take you through the discovery, the brutally honest roller coaster of emotions, the mistakes I made, but ultimately it's about the success of bringing Julianne's face to completion and raising a child with strength. This book is the first step in understanding the complexities of what you, as a parent, are going through.

    Rosey...The Imperfect Angel is a fairy tale for children with facial defects...and their siblings. It embodies the challenge that all children must face...acceptance of self and others and how dreams can become realities with the love and support of others. Beautifully illustrated by Trisha Moore, the book was a gift to my daughter and was a way I could teach others about cleft lips, cleft palates, and other facial defects. I was fortunate to be able to take my story to schools, talk shows, newspapers, and magazines all over the country. The second book in the Imperfect Angels Series is Chester...The Imperfect All-Star. It was written for a little boy who was born with one leg shorter than the other. and is an enlightening story of a young child's dreams and determination. The books continue to be used in clinics, hospitals, and schools. You can read these books to your child,  their siblings, and their classmates and it will transform the way they view themselves and the way others view them. It's a gift for your child to learn about the "beauty of imperfection." 

Scroll now, through the pages of this website and empower yourself with the inspiration and tools to give your child the best life they can have.                                                         

Sandy Peckinpah
A portion of the proceeds from these books are being donated to organizations that help children like ours...little angels born with special faces.
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